88 tips for young product designers

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88 tips for young product designers

Actionable tips on

✅ Cracking portfolio & interviews

✅ Becoming a better designer at work

✅ Designing your career

✅ Staying creative


As an amateur designer still trying to figure out how things, these tips gave me a lot of clarity on how I should shape my decisions going forward in my career as a designer and in general, a creative. They continue to come handy in some way or the other even today and I am so grateful to Amit for writing this. 
I really recommend to give it a read at least once because you will gain something out of it. These are some no bullshit actionable tips that have an immediate and positive impact on your life ( or in short, full paisa-vasool) 💯
Siddharth, Product Designer at CRED

Words of truth coming from someone who has been hiring for the last 10 years. This set of advice will help anyone in the field of UX Design course correct and focus on what’s real and impactful.
Shalini Mookerjee, User Researcher at Urban Company

Brilliantly put together, Amit. It makes so much sense and easy to grasp. Love the crisp pointers and how you've structured it. Super helpful and full of valuable insights.
Alka Gupta, Ex-Head of Growth Marketing at Loop Health, Xto10X, Rentomojo

Following one of these tips will make you 10x better.
Vasudha Chandak, Designer turned Design Recruiter

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88 tips for young product designers

7 ratings
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